Public Announcement on Vice Chancellor Exit

Dear USIU-Africa Community,

It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that I, on behalf of the United States International University – Africa (USIU-Africa) University Council and Board, announce the departure of Vice Chancellor Prof. Margee Ensign after her one-year tenure. Prof. Ensign has been faced with personal medical challenges related to the altitude in Nairobi, and her doctors have advised her that she cannot live and work here.

During her brief but impactful time with us, Prof. Ensign demonstrated unwavering commitment, passion, and vision, leaving a lasting impression on our institution. Her dedication and hard work have yielded remarkable achievements, including:

  1. An increase in enrollment of 562 new students compared to the same period last year, thanks to her leadership in coordinating Open Day initiatives, school visits, international recruitment activities, and additional investments in marketing.
  2. A reinvigorated 2022-2026 Strategic Plan, tailored to address the most pressing global and national challenges, as well as disruptions in higher education.
  3. The implementation of a new organizational structure aligned with the Strategic Plan’s key performance indicators, with the recruitment process for senior leadership positions nearing completion.
  4. A strong advocate for additional scholarships under the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, as well as for students with disabilities and the e-learning initiative.
  5. The successful launch of the USIU-Africa Brand Store.
  6. The establishment of the Center for Executive Education, with new programs scheduled to commence in September 2023.
  7. Meaningful engagement with our Alumni, domestically and internationally, fostering stronger connections and long-term networks.
  8. Community outreach initiatives, particularly focusing on vulnerable populations within the university vicinity and demonstrating her commitment to supporting those in need.

Prof. Ensign’s outstanding leadership, effective teamwork, and ability to collaborate with various stakeholders both internally and externally have nurtured a positive and productive work environment, promoting a sense of unity (‘We are One’) among all. Her innovative ideas and unique perspectives consistently brought fresh insights to the university, and her commitment to excellence set a high standard for all who interacted with her.

We are deeply grateful and honored to have had Prof. Ensign as a part of our community. She demonstrated that nothing is impossible, consistently handling challenges with efficiency and effectiveness.

As we bid farewell to Prof. Ensign, the entire USIU-Africa Community would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and best wishes for her future endeavors.

To ensure continuity and effective leadership, Dr. Lola Odubekun will serve as the interim Vice Chancellor effective September 1, 2023. Dr. Odubekun is a member of the USIU-Africa University Council and has also served as Chair in the past. She is a social scientist with a professional background in law and over 25 years of high-level experience in criminal justice research, advocacy, and grants management. We anticipate the process of searching for a substantive replacement to begin in the coming months.

Thank you all for your understanding and support during this transitional period.

If you have any questions or need further clarification you may send an email to or


Kris Senanu
Chair, University Council

Social Media