Sports Updates - August 04, 2023

By Lynn Mumbi

The men’s hockey team had a match this weekend against Sikh Union Club in Dashmesh stadium. They did wonderfully and exceeded their own expectations, winning the match 3-1 against the Sikh Club. The goal scorers for the match were James Mwangi, who scored two goals and Brian Biko, who scored the final goal of the match.

At the end of every semester, the Taekwondo team normally has gradings, where members of the team move from one level to the next. In the grading system, the lowest level is white, followed by yellow, blue, red and black, which is the highest level.

The grading was carried out by a representative from the Taekwondo Federation, Coach Jack, who administered tests for the team members who were moving to the yellow and blue belts. The team of 20 passed the examination, with 11 acquiring blue belts and 9 acquiring yellow belts.

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