USIU-Africa takes part in the Tanzania Commission for Universities exhibition, hosts Tanzania Alumni Engagement Dinner

By Esther Lihavi

Last week, the USIU-Africa Alumni Office representatives together with the Admissions Office embarked on a meaningful engagement in Tanzania, fostering connections, strengthening ties, and promoting academic opportunities for students in the region. The engagement involved attending the Tanzania Commission for Universities exhibition throughout the week. The Tanzania Commission for Universities exhibition provided a platform for USIU-Africa to showcase its academic offerings, programs, and achievements to the Tanzanian community. This exhibition allowed prospective students and their families to interact with university representatives, gain valuable insights into the diverse courses available, and learn about the unique USIU-Africa experience. The event aimed to attract talented Tanzanian students to join the institution and contribute to its diverse learning environment.

On Friday, July 21, representatives from the USIU-Africa Alumni office, Mr. Michael Kisilu and Lihavi Dainah, led by a Tanzanian Alumni, Mr. Glen Kapya, visited the Loyola High School. The Alumni representatives took the stage to inspire and motivate the students, showcasing the transformative power of USIU-Africa’s education. Professor Munyae Mulinge, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs at USIU-Africa, Ms. Irene Onacha, Mr. George Lumbasi and a few others from the Admissions department were also in attendance.

A highlight of the school visit was a talk given by Prof. Munyae who engaged the students in an insightful discussion, sharing the reasons why they should consider USIU-Africa for their higher education journey. He emphasized the institution's commitment to academic excellence, cutting-edge research opportunities, and a vibrant campus life that fosters personal and professional growth. Further, Mr. Lumbasi enlightened the students on the scholarship opportunities available to study in USIU-Africa. The engagement with Loyola High School aimed to plant seeds of aspiration in the minds of young students, encouraging them to dream big and pursue their academic goals with determination and passion. The different speakers resonated with the students, igniting their curiosity about USIU-Africa and its potential to shape their futures. At the end of the visit, the students and teachers were given brochures for more information about USIU-Africa and branded gifts.

The engagement reached its pinnacle on Saturday, July 22, with a grand dinner hosted exclusively for USIU-Africa alumni in Tanzania. This networking event brought together past graduates of the university, providing them with a platform to reconnect, share experiences, and establish professional networks. During the alumni dinner, attendees had the opportunity to hear from distinguished speakers and successful alumni who have excelled in their respective fields. These success stories inspired others to strive for excellence and further reinforced the value of a USIU-Africa education in shaping successful careers and contributing positively to society.

Mr. Kris Senanu, the Chair of the University Council, gave an inspiring story of how USIU-Africa led him to success and his passion for working with USIU-Africa Alumni, stating that all the alumni he has worked with never disappoint him. Further, alumni were awarded some gifts based on different categories and achievements. To crown the dinner, there was a cake cutting of the birthdays between June and July.

Indeed, the engagement week in Tanzania was a testament to USIU-Africa's commitment to fostering meaningful relationships with its students and alumni beyond its Kenyan base. The Alumni Dinner not only facilitated networking opportunities but also reinforced the sense of belonging to the USIU-Africa community.

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