Nairobi Schools Open 2nd Edition: Unleashing Minds and Voices with SADS

By Hasritha Sunnam

An intellectual revolution has been brewing within the Spoken Arts and Debate Society (SADS). The club, renowned for its eloquence and brilliance, recently collaborated with the African Debate Academy (ADA) to host an extraordinary tournament that left a lasting impression.

The tournament was held in the style of the World Schools Debate format with two teams of three speakers each, and reply speeches from both opposition and proposition sides. The teams deliver compelling speeches to persuade the judges and audience, demonstrating quick thinking, critical analysis, and teamwork. Additionally, the students participated in quiz and spelling bee sessions, which enhanced their knowledge and fostered a spirit of healthy competition among them.

The event was meticulously orchestrated behind the scenes by the dedicated organizing committee and judges, which included Fresher Awuor, Kashaka Jeremiah, Joshua Wambugu, Hafsa Abshir Mohamed, Hasritha Sunnam, Wanjiru Karugu, Louis Gitu, Lauryn Ojore, and Angel Musomba. Their enthusiasm and hard work shone through, resulting in a smooth and unforgettable experience for everyone involved. The tournament brought together 16 schools, each represented by a talented debater, to participate in the enthralling World Schools style debate. The students exhibited an impressive command of rhetoric and critical thinking.

The power of collaboration, however, distinguished this tournament. The combination of SADS and ADA created an enriching environment in which young minds not only honed their speaking skills but also developed understanding for different points of view. The event evolved into more than just a competition; it became a celebration of intellectual growth.

The judges were critical to the tournament's success, as their fair assessments ensured that every participant had a chance to shine and improve. Their invaluable feedback added a layer of depth to the learning experience, elevating the tournament from a mere competition to a platform of intellectual enlightenment.

While the echoes of the electrifying debates fade, the legacy of SADS and ADA's collaboration lives on. The event acted as a catalyst, encouraging young minds to express themselves confidently. It signaled the start of a new era for SADS, which has emerged as a tournament powerhouse. The journey of eloquence continues to inspire future generations. With SADS at the forefront, minds and voices are united, igniting a spark that will illuminate the path to a brighter and more articulate future.

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