USIU-Africa Alumni Association hosts Annual General Meeting

By Esther Lihavi

On Friday, June 30, the USIU-Africa Alumni Association hosted its much-anticipated Annual General Meeting (AGM) and networking event that provided a platform for alumni to reconnect, share their stories, and expand their professional networks. While the AGM faced a setback due to a lack of quorum, the networking event turned out to be a resounding success, rekindling the spirit of camaraderie among the alumni.

In attendance was Prof. Munyae Mulinge, the Deputy Vice Chancellor - Academic & Student Affairs, members of the Alumni Association Executive Council, the Alumni Office representatives and our distinguished Alumni. The Chairperson of the Alumni Association, Mr. James Cutha Gathere emceed the networking event, giving alumni a chance to share their stories.

The event provided a unique platform for alumni to catch up with old friends, reminiscing about their shared experiences on campus and celebrating the successes achieved since graduation. The joy and warmth in the room were palpable as stories were exchanged, memories were revisited, and laughter echoed through the halls. For many, this gathering brought back cherished memories while also creating new ones.

In his remarks, Prof. Munyae Mulinge thanked the alumni for honoring their alma mater. He insisted on the spirit of oneness, encouraging alumni to not only be there for each other but also for USIU-Africa. Speaking passionately about the quality of education in USIU-Africa, the diverse culture and the co-curricular activities, he acknowledged that USIU-Africa is proud to see alumni successful in different fields. In the spirit of giving back, the alumni were encouraged to sign up for the areas they want to collaborate with the University, such as mentorships.

The USIU-Africa Alumni Association has long been committed to nurturing strong bonds among its graduates, fostering a sense of belonging and pride in their alma mater. This event was a testament to the association's dedication to creating opportunities for alumni to engage and grow both personally and professionally. Graduates from different programs and graduation years shared their experiences, achievements, and challenges. The diversity in the attendees' backgrounds, ranging from business executives and entrepreneurs to artists and government officials, sparked fascinating conversations that inspired new ideas and collaborations.

Looking ahead, the USIU-Africa Alumni Association aims to build on the success of this event and continue fostering a strong network of alumni. They plan to organize more gatherings, workshops, and mentoring programs that provide ongoing support and opportunities for growth. By doing so, the association will further solidify its position as a catalyst for personal and professional development among its graduates.

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