Alumni Profile: Mutana Gakuru Wanjira, founder and creative producer of the African Fiction Academy

By the Alumni Relations Office

Mutana Gakuru Wanjira is a highly skilled and dynamic professional with a passion for leveraging the power of arts, culture, and communication to drive positive change. Mutana graduated from USIU-Africa in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. With a diverse background in consultancy, creative production, and strategic planning, Mutana has made significant contributions in the cultural and creative industries (CCI) across Sub Saharan Africa.

As the Founder and Creative Producer of the African Fiction Academy, he has demonstrated a deep understanding of African cultural heritage and its potential to inspire the younger generation. Through innovative projects like the Sounds of Freedom, he has successfully connected African youth with their cultural identity, fostering patriotism and promoting the African Cultural Renaissance.

Mutana's expertise extends to various domains, including strategy development, program design, and stakeholder engagement. Notably, he played a pivotal role as a Consultant in the Cultural and Creative Industries in Africa for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions Entity at UNESCO HQ. Through this role, Mutana contributed to the development of a capacity-building program for the African film industry, leveraging digital communication solutions to drive engagement and presenting the African Film Industry report at prestigious events like the Cannes Film Festival.

Additionally, Mutana's experience as a Communications and Liaison Officer at the Gavi CSO Hosting Arrangement demonstrates his passion and commitment to promoting equitable access to healthcare and global immunization efforts. He has developed comprehensive communication strategies and coordinated initiatives such as the Civil Society Dialogue Series and the Immunization Today Podcast. Similarly, he has effectively utilized social media platforms to raise awareness and facilitate knowledge-sharing in the field.

With a Master's degree in Management & Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy and a strong background in journalism, Mutana brings a unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and communication skills to every project. His ability to co-design strategies, foster collaborations, and engage diverse stakeholders makes him a valuable asset in driving inclusive and prosperous cultural and creative industries in Africa.

To catch up with the progress of his achievements, engage with Mutana on LinkedIn @Mutana Wanjira Gakuru, Instagram: @africmutana and Twitter: @AfricMutana.

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