Itanya Youth Network hosts seminar on effective communication skills

By Winnie Tewendi

Itanya Youth Network, founded by USIU-Africa alumna Daphne Kimani recently hosted an empowering session on effective communication, featuring Patricia Odede, a distinguished USIU-Africa alumna and communication expert. With over 18 years of experience as a media consultant, Patricia has excelled in handling diverse local and international brands, creating publicity, and formulating communication strategies.

The event, held in Githogoro Slum, exemplified Itanya Youth Network's commitment to offering transformative opportunities to marginalized communities. By focusing on communication skills, the organization aims to empower individuals for personal growth and community development. Participants were equipped with valuable insights and practical strategies to express themselves effectively.

Patricia's exceptional delivery showcased her expertise and unwavering dedication to making a positive impact. Her session enlightened and inspired attendees, encouraging them to harness the power of effective communication in their daily lives.

Itanya Youth Network continues to prioritize initiatives that empower individuals and foster positive change throughout the region.

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