USIU-Africa Library hosts annual Library Week event

By Justin Kirembeka and Fredrick Adika

Last week, our campus came alive with the vibrant spirit of learning and growth during our much-anticipated Library Week, themed ’Read and Grow‘. It was a week filled with remarkable experiences that left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds. Let us take a moment to reflect on the incredible events that unfolded during this celebration.

Our Library Week commenced with powerful speeches from the University Librarian represented by Damiana Kiilu, the DVC-Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Munyae Mulinge and from the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Margee Ensign. With profound words, the Vice Chancellor urged us to imagine a world where the gift of reading was denied. This thought-provoking address reminded us that literacy is not just a privilege, but a fundamental right that empowers individuals to navigate the world and shape their own destinies. The speech resonated deeply with all attendees, serving as a call to action to cherish and protect the invaluable gift of reading. For Prof. Mulinge the theme ‘Read and Grow’ turned into ‘Don’t Read and Retard’.

The library, usually a place of quiet study, transformed into a dynamic hub of exploration and creativity. For the very first time, our library opened its doors to board games, inviting students, faculty, and staff to engage in friendly competition, strategic thinking, and moments of lighthearted joy. Laughter and camaraderie filled the air as individuals discovered the thrill of these timeless games.

In addition to board games, the library became a stage for the expression of talents. Students showcased their creativity through poetry readings, captivating dances, and live music performances by the talented USIU-Africa Music Club band. It was a celebration of artistic expression and a reminder that our pursuit of knowledge doesn't exist solely within the pages of books, but can also be found in the beauty of art and the rhythm of music.

The library team further nurtured connections between students and librarians through the delightful initiative, ‘Coffee with a Librarian’. Students were welcomed to grab a cup of coffee, engage in conversation, and forge meaningful connections with the librarians. These informal exchanges fostered a sense of belonging and created spaces for mentorship and support.

Another major highlight of the week was the Roundtable Discussion with learners with Disability. Right inside the library, at the leisure reading section, librarians sat with this group of learners and for the first time got to hear how best to support their learning at USIU-Africa. It was a very successful meeting, flanked by friends working in the Disability Inclusion space. Specifically, Dr. Jefwa Mweri from University of Nairobi and Billy Kimara from Light for the World. The promise was that the library will continue to work towards creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

As the echoes of the Library Week continue to fade away, let us carry the spirit of ‘Read and Grow’ with us. May we continue to cultivate our love for learning, nurture our creative abilities, and value the connections we form within the library and beyond. The library is not just a space; it is a catalyst for personal and intellectual growth, guiding us on a path of exploration and transformation.

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