Center for Executive Education

"Empowering executives and professionals with the cutting-edge knowledge and resources necessary to fuel economic growth, sustainability, poverty alleviation, and job creation in the region is of paramount importance to us. We are thrilled to provide the tools and expertise they need to succeed." ~ Prof. Margee Ensign, Vice Chancellor, USIU-Africa

USIU-Africa recognizes the growing demand for professional development, expertise, and resources to support the EAC’s rapidly evolving business, government, and nonprofit landscape. Our programmes encompass more than just a mere assortment of functional disciplines. Successful leaders must possess an integrative leadership approach, entrepreneurial acumen, the capacity to contemplate and execute strategic plans, and the skill to collaborate with individuals from diverse professional and personal backgrounds.Our programmes stand out because we prioritize the amalgamation of personal, professional, and organizational development; a central theme is woven throughout our program design and implementation.

At USIU-Africa Center For Executive Education, we model what leaders need most; cross-disciplinary collaboration. We exemplify an interdisciplinary approach as our Center reports directly to our Deputy Vice Chancellor. This organizational structure provides collaborative opportunities between our Schools and our expert faculty.

"Witnessing the fusion of imagination and originality sparked by the convergence of faculty, industry influencers, and global trailblazers is truly exhilarating. Our distinctive programs harness the strength of diverse viewpoints, enabling us to blaze a trail in integrative programming amidst today’s rapid digital transformation, global business expansion, and resource capacity building. As a university, we take pride in exemplifying genuine, authentic collaboration.“ ~ Prof. Munyae Mulinge, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic & Student Affairs, USIU-Africa

Key Objectives and Benefits

  • Our programmes utilize interactive learning techniques that incorporate real-life case studies and insights from global executives.
  • We provide a personalized assessment tool to identify your leadership strengths, enabling you to comprehend your work style and improve your
  • effectiveness.
  • You’ll expand your professional network by connecting with individuals who share a common goal of transforming the future.
  • We’ll boost your ability to think and act strategically, allowing you to envision, promote, and execute change initiatives.
  • Opportunities to engage in experiential learning environments.

Tailored solutions for organizational success
Our tailored solutions for organizational success cater to organizations’ unique needs and optimal learning preferences, ensuring successful outcomes. We feature customized approaches to meet and address your organization’s strategic learning and growth objectives. With our outstanding faculty, unwavering credibility, and valuable partnerships, USIU-Africa is well positioned to drive organizational transformation. Contact us now to schedule a consultation appointment, and let us design the ideal program for you.

"Our success. We emphasize tangible tools you can readily incorporate into your organization following each session. Genuine leaders possess the ability to envision the outcome and make it a reality; we equip you with an extra tool to unlock your full potential. Our learning environment cultivates a community of outstanding educators, innovators, and individuals who share a common goal of a reimagined future.” ~ Dr. Jean Meeks-Koch, Former Interim Executive Director, CEE

Family-owned Business Programmes
"Transforming & evolving the narrative of Africa’s Family-Owned Business Enterprises and the socio-economic landscapes they impact.”
Family-Owned Businesses are important to the region’s economic landscape, comprising a staggering 76% of all companies in the EAC and employing over 78% of the workforce. Unfortunately, less than 16% of these businesses have a solid succession plan or strong family and business governance, which is why our commitment to their success is unwavering.

USIU-Africa’s executive education programmes will equip these family businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in today’s global marketplace.

USIU-Africa provides four unique programmes necessary to educate family businesses on setting up governance models for growth and sustainability and provide non-family businesses and advisors on how to partner successfully with family businesses.

"We acknowledge that life can often present us with demanding circumstances, making prioritizing personal growth and education difficult. Rest assured that I am wholeheartedly devoted to providing a top-tier concierge service and aiding you in realizing your aspirations. “ Dr. Uvyu Mbole, Executive Manager, CEE

Our offerings include:

  • FAMILY BUSINESS ESSENTIALS AND PRINCIPLES - Pillars to Sustainability and Success.
  • GOVERNANCE FOR FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESSES - Separating the Business of the Family from the Business of the Business.
  • NEXGEN TRANSFORMATIONAL FAMILY LEADERS – Finding Voice and Place in the Family and in the Family Business.

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