Giving Fridays


In echoing the USIU-Africa values of giving back and working for the common good, the University has introduced an initiative dubbed “USIU-Africa Giving Fridays”. This initiative will take place the last Friday of every month and is a good way for all of us in the USIU-Africa community to donate clothes, shoes, books etc which are still in good condition for use by those in need.

This initiative aims at collecting donations from various individuals, groups and teams that will be handed over to a credible relief organization in Kenya (local charities and non-profit organizations), who have a better understanding of the ground logistics to distribute relief supplies to people in need and to ensure that donations are distributed fairly and effectively.

The initiative will be carried out on an ongoing basis, with the first launch taking place on the first Friday of next month. We aim to create a culture of giving within USIU-Africa and encourage our community to support charitable causes they are passionate about. We will evaluate the program's success after six months to determine any necessary adjustments.

Objectives of the campaign

  1. To have the USIU-Africa community practice its values of giving back and working for the common good to make a significant impact on the community around us.
  2. To create a culture of giving within the USIU-Africa community to charitable causes that they care about.

Target Group

  • USIU-Africa Community (Students, Staff and Faculty)
  • Other interested parties outside USIU-Africa e.g. Parents and various sponsors

Where to Give

  • Kindly donate/drop off your items in the 'Donations Box' located outside the Cafeteria.

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