Where to pay

Cooperative Bank: A/c No. 01120002134100

Commercial Bank of Africa: KESs- A/c No. 6438840014

Commercial bank of AfricaUS Dollar- A/C No. 6462210014

Standard Chartered Bank: A/c no. 0104023439700

These banks have USIU-Africa deposit slips with a USIU-Africa logo and account numbers

Not able to make it to school on week days and paying by check?

Indicate the ID # at the back of the check and sign it in at the security desk at the administration block, and drop it into the safety box for receipting the next day.

International students

International students not from EAST AFRICA should remit their funds to the listed account;

US Dollar Account Number:6462210014

Account Name:USIU or U.S. International University


Intermediary Bank:JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York


Routing Number: 021000021

Kenya Commercial Bank - A/C No. 1179516710