Faculty and Students from USIU-Africa visit Mji wa Huruma for community service project handover

By Yviona Musa

On Friday, March 31, 2023, the USIU-Africa student body and selected lecturers visited the home to hand over the community service project they had undertaken that semester, led by Robi Koki. Over the past month, the group had undertaken several projects that gave the facilities a face lift, including replacing the termite-infested wooden doors that posed a security threat to the occupants.

Mji wa Huruma, a home for the abandoned elderly, is a transformative facility located in Runda and managed by Margaret Ndichu for the past decade. It provides the vulnerable elderly with basic needs and promises them a better future in their golden years.

The handover was attended by Robi Koki, Ashley Wanjiku, Julietta Nthoki, Caleb Tanui, Adim Adim, and Muhammed Maalim. The event ended smoothly within a few minutes, and it was truly a well-deserved gift to the elderly as well as to the hearts of the donors.

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