Roysambu Chief Inspires Environmental Conservation at USIU-Africa

By Trevor Malinda

ENSO Week began on Tuesday, March 21, and ran through Thursday, March 23, with the highlight being a visit from the Roysambu Chief, Mr. Mugo Geoffrey, on Wednesday. The event successfully promoted environmental awareness, and students engaged in various activities focused on sustainability and conservation.

During the event, there was a student-led business called Succulent World KE. The business sells succulent plants in recycled and upcycled plastic bottles, promoting sustainability and reducing waste. Giraffe Center also sent representatives to the university to discuss wildlife conservation and their national environmental awareness competition. The competition consists of three categories: artwork, essay writing, and photography, and the deadline for submission is in April.

The Chief's visit on Wednesday was a significant highlight of the event. He arrived with Nyumba Kumi representatives Francis Njuguna and Wario Abduba from the Roysambu shopping centre and Safari Park area and helped the students plant seedlings of Nandi Oak and Mwaurubaine, two species known for their substantial environmental benefits. The Chief emphasized the importance of conservation and suggested that the school start a seedbed managed by their Environmental Society (ENSO) to help support the growth of these trees in the community.

"The students are the future of our community, and it is important that they learn about environmental conservation at an early age," said the Chief. "I am glad to see their enthusiasm and dedication to this cause."

The Environmental Society members were thrilled to participate in the initiative and look forward to managing the seedbed. "We are committed to promoting environmental conservation in our university and beyond," said one of the members.

The Chief's visit was a great example of how local leaders and community members can work together to promote environmental conservation. The students were grateful for the opportunity to work with the Chief and the Nyumba Kumi representatives to impact their environment positively. They hope to continue this work and inspire others to join them.

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