Pictorial: USIU-Africa hosts 2023 Culture Night Gala

By CTW Team
USIU-Africa's annual Culture Night Gala is a vibrant and colorful celebration of diversity, culture, and unity. The event brings together students, faculty, and staff from different communities and backgrounds who have the opportunity to showcase their cultures through various activities.

The night's festivities kicked off with a lively showcase of traditional attire from various countries and regions around the world. From flamboyant, one of a kind African prints to elegant Asian garments, the showcase set the stage for a night of cultural appreciation.
The main event of the night was the cultural performances by students. These performances are a testament to the talent and creativity of the students, who used dance, music, and drama to showcase their cultures. From the energetic African drumming to the graceful Rwandese dance, the performances transport the audience to different parts of the world.

The night’s big winner was Uganda, with Kenya and Tanzania following closely on their heels.

Photos by Spencer Muthusi, John Sande, Emelda Wanza and Kahiro Muturi.

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