Africahackon hosts cyber security conference at USIU-Africa

By Bright Gameli

On March 3-4, brilliant minds came together to share knowledge and take part in a 6-hour per session Masterclass for two days hosted by USIU-Africa. The Masterclasses happened for two days with each day having 3 concurrent sessions.

Topics covered during the session included Cloud Security Engineering, Digital Forensics and Investigation, Breaking and Securing Docker Containers, Introduction and advancing BugBounty hunting, Ransomware Development and Prevention, Deep Dive into Threat Intelligence for Corporate Networks.

The trainers were very engaging with the 250+ delegates attending with practical hands-on labs for every session. Africahackon has been running many short term boot camps and conferences but this time changed the approach to a Masterclasses that takes the approach of delegates interactive with real life scenarios in our society and organizations.

For 10 years, the cyber collective Africahackon for a very long time strive to nurture cyber excellence in the African continent. The founder of the Africahackon cyber program, Dr. Bright G. Mawudor encouraged delegates to share more with other colleagues who did not make it for the session. He further clarified that, by extending the knowledge and skills picked up from the Masterclass, participants got to create a ripple effect thus closing the cyber security skills gap in Africa.

The event had other supporting partners from Amazon AWS, Startinev, Mozilla foundation and CTFRoom.

Dr. Bright promises to have more of such sessions happen in the near future and encourage people to join the community by registering on to receive the latest news and detail instead of only social media.

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