Alumni Profile: Mohamed Asad, founder, M. Alby Productions

By Alumni Relations Department

Mohamed Asad, popularly known as Alby is the founder of M. Alby Productions Ltd., a brand that handles Corporate Digital Marketing and Film Production. He graduated from USIU-Africa in 2022 with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

He is a young media personality who rose to fame by spreading joy to random strangers around Kenya. From cheesy lines that bring smiles, to touching stranger’s hearts by gifting them, ‘The King of Smiles’ holds a reputation for positive impact on the Kenyan society. His online audience, known as the ‘Mambo Nation’, a slogan derived from the creator’s unique theme of starting each video with a ‘Mambo’ and ending with a smile, hit a milestone of close to 90 Million views on TikTok, which is Alby's biggest social platform alongside Instagram and YouTube. Alby also used his popularity to spread smiles in the streets of USIU-Africa while he was a student.

The 23-year-old has not only built a name for himself in the hearts of many Kenyans but also in the corporate world where he took up marketing campaigns last year for major corporate brands such as Centum (Two Rivers Mall, Galitos, Bic, Nokia, InDrive and Fanta Africa).

To get a touch of Alby’s smiles, follow him on his social media handles: Twitter /Facebook /Instagram /YouTube

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