Refund Application Guidelines

The Finance Department is committed to providing excellent and timely service to all our stakeholders. In order to make refund processes as efficient and effective as they possibly can, we hereby issue this guidelines that will govern stakeholder and staff engagement in the course of a refund process.

  1. Apply for final clearance online:
  2. Seek final clearance from ALL departments listed below:
  • Library & Information Center: Chief Librarian (0730116294)
  • Department of Housing: Housing Manager (0730116265)
  • Department of Student Affairs: Student Activities, Clubs and Sports Equipment/Materials (Senior Student Affairs Officer - 0730116792/747)
  • Department of Student Affairs: Disciplinary (Dean of Students – 0730116781/787)
  • Student Affairs: Student Leaders (Dean of Students – 0730116781/787)
  • Office of the Registrar: Graduation Gown (Registration Officer – 0730116781/787)
  • Office of the Registrar: Degree Completion (Registration Officer – 0730116781/787)
  • Health Services: (Principal Medical Officer (0730116759)
  • Office of the Registrar: Exit Form (Registrar – 0730116783)
  • Office of Alumni Relations: Alumni Relations Officer (0730116617/585)
  • Department of Hospitality: Cafeteria Manager (0730116623)
  • ICT Division
  1. After clearance with the above departments, please ensure you clear with:
  • Finance Department (Student Accounts - 0730116509/221/538/224)
  • Office of the Registrar: Submission of Student ID
  1. Download the tuition refund form by clicking here OR pick up a printed copy from the Student Accounts section of the Finance department.
  2. Ensure that ALL details are filled in correctly
  3. International students must also provide a:
Swift Code or Routing Number
Bank Postal Address
Bank Telephone Number
Personal Physical Address
Bank Email Address
  1. Sign the Refund Application Form and hand it over to the Student Accounts section of Finance department.

Please note:

  1. Refund forms are collected up to the 24th of every month and refunds processed by the 2nd week of the following month. Refunds will take a maximum of 3 weeks from the date of submission;
  2. All refunds are paid via Electronic Funds Transfer;
  3. Only accounts that are fully cleared and refund forms that are duly filled shall be processed; Incomplete refund forms/requests shall not be accepted;
  4. Only graduating or exiting students shall be refunded. No continuing students shall be refunded;
  5. In case of a likely or foreseeable delay, applicant(s) shall be informed on status of their refund application.

To find out the status of your refund please call: 0730116509/221/538/224 or write to

Issued on 27th February 2018

Dr. Judith Obura

Director of Finance