Transfer Credit Limits

A maximum of 90 trimester units of credit earned may be accepted for transfer from accredited undergraduate institutions. The final 30 semester units toward a degree must be completed at USIU to comply with residency requirements. USIU reserves the right to waiver this requirement for USIU students participating in Student Exchange programs. Once a student has matriculated at USIU, all further transfer credits must have prior approval of the dean or designee.

Basis for Institutional Transfer Credit

Transfer credits may be accepted from institutions of higher education that are accredited by one or more of the following agencies.

  • Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • North Central Association of Schools and Colleges
  • North Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Southern Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges

International students from government-recognized institutions must submit original or certified transcripts, translated into English, showing courses completed, grades obtained, and length of program. A syllabus or course description in English covering each course being considered for transfer credit should be submitted with the transcript to the Admissions Office. Transcripts and syllabi documentation are evaluated for the minimum C grade equivalency requirement and subject matter content to determine the number of transfer credits allowable.

During the transfer credit evaluation process, academic work from other colleges and universities is compared to USIU courses within the appropriate degree program, and transfer credits are awarded on the basis of similar syllabi. College and university courses completed elsewhere may be considered for transfer credits as electives even though the courses are not offered at USIU.

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