USIU-Africa attends Flutter Forward event

By Prisca Akinyi

Late last month, USIU-Africa attended the Flutter Forward event organized by the Google team. The event was an invite-only gathering of Flutter developers, product managers, and the Google Flutter team.

The event provided attendees with a unique opportunity to interact with an incredibly talented and diverse group of Flutter developers and learn from the experiences of product managers. Notable speakers included Ander Dobo, Leigha Jarett, and Zoey Fan, who shared invaluable insights and tips on product management.

The real highlight of the event for many attendees was the Flutteristas panel. The panel comprised of women in tech who shared their experiences and perspectives, providing inspiration and motivation for other women in the community. I got a chance to be a part of the event and even participated in the Flutteristas panel which held discussions on how women in tech could be empowered and their talents grown.

Attendees walked away from the event feeling empowered and motivated to continue growing and contributing to the Flutter community. The event was a testament to the organizers' commitment to creating impactful events for Flutter developers.

The Flutter Forward event was an absolute game-changer for all attendees. It provided attendees with a valuable opportunity to network, learn, and grow, and left them with a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation to continue their work in the Flutter community.

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