Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program eLearning team pays USIU-Africa a courtesy call

By Everlyn Anyal

Dr. Diane Kouame, Lead, Mastercard Foundation eLearning Initiative and Lead, Scholars Program (Francophone partner network) paid a courtesy call to USIU-Africa on Monday, February 13, 2023. She was accompanied during the visit by Pauline Gangla, Head of Scholars Program, Eastern and Southern Partner Network - Mastercard Foundation and Julie Waiganjo, a USIU-Africa Alumni and Head, Scholars Program Communications - Mastercard Foundation.

Dr. Kouame met with the Vice Chancellor Prof. Margee Ensign. She also met the Leadership team of USIU-Africa Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program eLearning Initiative Workstream B (WSB) project comprising Prof. Munyae Mulinge, Deputy Vice Chancelor - Academic and Student Affairs (DVC-ASA); Prof. Paul Okanda, Director, ICT; Prof. Amos Njuguna, Dean, School of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension; Dr. Philip Machoka, Director, USIU Online; Eannes Ongus, Chief Manager, University Advancement; and Everlyn Anyal, Director, Mastercard Foundation eLearning Initiative at USIU-Africa.

The main purpose of the visit was to meet and know the Institution’s Leadership and Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program eLearning team, understand USIU-Africa eLearning Initiative Workstream A (WSA) impact and preparation for WSB implementation and hold discussions on the next steps after WSA.

In the discussions, Dr. Kouame expressed her gratitude to USIU-Africa for the exemplary role it has played in the eLearning partnership to support 10 institutions to strengthen their capacities to offer quality and resilient Online learning to all learners at all times and from wherever they are. On her part, Prof. Ensign underscored the noble role USIU-Africa is playing of developing future leaders and of transforming lives and societies. She highlighted USIU-Africa’s elaborate ICT infrastructure that has enabled it to provide quality learning and support services to its student, faculty and staff population. Regarding Online education, the Vice Chancellor took pride in USIU-Africa’s fully Online MBA Program as a sign of the university’s commitment to develop and offer Online learning. She pledged the institution’s support to the eLearning Initiative and continued collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation.

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