Transfer Admissions

Official evaluation of undergraduate transfer credit is under the authority of the dean or designee of a school in consultation with the Admissions Office. All degree-seeking undergraduate applicants must submit official high school records (showing date of graduation) and college records.

The Admissions Office evaluates transfer students' previous academic work completed at the undergraduate level for possible credits to be applied to their degree programs at USIU. Allowable transfer credits are formally identified and documented by the Admissions Office. An official transcript must be received before final transfer work can be accepted. Course descriptions may also need to be provided if requested.

Degree requirements are determined by combining the transfer credits allowed and the required academic work to be successfully completed at USIU. Students can request a copy of the transfer evaluation from the Registrar's Office.

Transfer evaluation will be based on higher education work completed where grades of C or better were earned. Applicants with less than 12 semester units completed will have their secondary school record also evaluated. Students who have completed 18 semester units or 27 semester units will not be required to submit SAT or ACT scores.

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