Jubilee Insurance and USIU-Africa launch mentorship program in East Africa

On Friday, February 3, 2023, Jubilee Insurance announced a partnership with the United States International University–Africa (USIU-Africa) to launch a regional mentorship program that will help students better prepare for the workplace. The program is expected to impact 100 students from various disciplines this year with a targeted number of 300 students over the next three years.

The program will be implemented by the USIU-Africa Placement & Career Services team who will train 50 Jubilee Insurance staff members from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania on mentoring skills to support their engagement as mentors to USIU-Africa students. The trained staff will be on-boarded into a formal and structured program that will run for one year.

For years, the job market has relied on tertiary and university institutions to produce ready-to-work graduates for the job market. However, only 40 per cent of the students who complete technical training find employment. The high unemployment rate is largely attributed to lack of employability skills among graduates.

Many companies find that most young professionals lack basic soft skills required alongside technical competencies to succeed in the workplace. The World Economic Forum indicates that critical thinking and problem-solving top the list of skills employers believe will grow in prominence for the next five years.

There is an urgent need for graduates to develop social and emotional capabilities to close the current workforce gap and add value where machines fall short. Mentorship will equip students with soft skills and ethical etiquette required at work and life in general.

While commenting about the partnership launch, Jubilee Insurance Group CEO Dr. Julius Kipng’etich noted that preparing graduates for the workplace requires joint responsibility between companies and learning institutions.

“Institutions of higher learning and corporates have a shared responsibility to ensure graduates and young professionals have the requisite skills for the workplace. Our partnership with USIU-Africa will provide one-on-one opportunities for students to get guidance on personal and career development from a pool of seasoned professionals and mentors,” said Dr. Kipng’etich.

Speaking during the partnership launch, the Vice Chancellor, USIU-Africa, Professor Margee Ensign said that the mentorship program will be highly beneficial to students as they transition to the corporate world.

“Workplace preparation will require partnerships between academia and industry players. Our university is always seeking for strategic linkages to prepare our students for the competitive job market. Our partnership with Jubilee Insurance will bridge the employability gaps across the region and enable our students to learn from the best,” said Professor Ensign.

Jubilee Insurance Head of HR Ann Karanu noted that the company is committed to proactively support students and young professionals better understand and prepare for the workplace.

“For the past few years, we have been mentoring students from different universities. We believe that mentorship and job shadowing will enable young professionals hone their skills and improve their career trajectory. Our partnership with USIU-Africa will ensure students get an advance understanding of what is required of them as they transition from university,” said Ann.

The year-long mentorship program will target USIU-Africa students in both junior and senior years. The program will also create interactive opportunities for mentors and students to work through career development plans and create forums that expose students to workplace dynamics.

Jubilee Insurance has actively taken up mentorship for university students and young professionals. The company recently launched a monthly regional virtual mentorship program to enable students identify opportunities in the job market. In addition to the mentorship program, Jubilee Insurance will every month give a top student free annual access to the Jubilee Group Digital Academy.

The platform provides over 3,000 digital courses, videos, books, and other e-learning material to enhance competencies and skills for greater personal effectiveness ad improvement.

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