The Criminal Justice Club Hosts Forensic Day

By Lauryn Ojore

The USIU-Africa Criminal Justice Club recently hosted a Forensic Day on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, which was attended by club members not limited to just criminal justice majors. The event was a hands-on experience in the world of forensics and provided the students with a comprehensive understanding of crime scene analysis, interrogation techniques, and anatomy lab procedures.

The first part of the event was a tour of the crime scene house, where the club members aimed to identify the crime that was committed based on the evidence found at the scene. There were two cases and through their observations and analysis, the students came to the conclusion that the crimes were burglary and murder. This exercise helped the students understand how to analyze crime scenes and how to gather evidence, which ties back to the classes they have in school.

The interrogation room was a highlight of the event, where the students were guided by the club patron, Ms. Rachel Ngumi. She provided a criminal investigative perspective on the case, and the students learnt about different techniques and equipment used in interrogations, and applied what they learned tying it to the cases done at the crime scene house.

Finally, the tour of the forensic lab was a chance for the students to learn about various aspects of forensics such as fingerprint analysis. They were able to tour the anatomy lab and learn about proper specimen collection, embalming, pathology, and the relevance of habeas corpus. This part of the event was particularly beneficial for students who are interested in forensic science and the role it plays in criminal investigations.

The Forensic Day event was a huge success. It tied back to the classes that the students have in school and provided a hands-on approach to the subject matter, learning about aspects which will be useful in their future careers. The event was well-organized and the students gained valuable knowledge that will be useful in their future careers. The Criminal Justice Club plans to host similar events in the future to continue to provide students with hands-on learning experiences.

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