Three USIU-Africa students launch their books

Eliseus Bamporineza, Victor B. K. Bol and Bryan Muchesia Anyika, the authors of 'All About Her & Me', 'Tales of Drunken Nights' and 'Stars Aligned' respectively, launched their books at an event held on Wednesday, January 25, from 11 am- 2pm at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Margee Ensign congratulated the three authors for their achievements, noting that writing a book took passion, determination and courage to create a book, and commended the trio for putting out their various works for consumption by the public.

“By writing these books, you have reinforced what the university aims to achieve in terms of empowering its students. Your books are indeed important, and they are critical to nurturing a reading culture at the university,” she said.

Speaking of their inspiration for their books, Victor, an author of two other books, Times are turbulent and Land of Exile mentioned that the book was inspired by Matthew 12:25, and that the journey of becoming an author was inspired by his father and grandfather, who were both teachers.

Mr. Dennis Bukhala, Victor Bol's former English teacher noted that he was an exceptional student of Literature, who had put in practice what he had learnt. He encouraged the youth to take time to learn the art of reading and writing, which were slowly dying in society.

Bryan on the other hand, mentioned that his book, which was published in 2021, was a work that he had begun working on in high school.

“Stars Aligned was written in 2017 when I was in Form 2 at the Nairobi School, reflective of some of my life experiences. The book was eventually published after I chanced upon a copy of Victor’s first book, Land in Exile, and I was very fortunate to have him walk me through the journey of becoming a published author,” he said.

Eliseus, who was launching his second book, shared that 'All About Her & Me’ was inspired by a need to have conversations around relationships and sex spoken about honestly without being regarded as taboo.

The event was closed with a keynote address from Ms. Hannah Githuku, author of Flaunt Your Genius, who urged the audience to find their purpose and work towards achieving it. She further stated that it was critical for everyone to find the one thing that made them unique that could be leveraged to make them stand out from others.

To inquire further about the purchase of the books, reach out to the authors: Eliseus Bamporineza (, Victor B. K. Bol ( and Bryan Muchesia Anyika(

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