USIU-Africa holds Academic Advising Week

By Virginia Thuku

The Academic Advising week held on Wednesday and Thursday, November 16 and 17 respectively aimed to provide academic advising to students, update the students on the progress with the degree requirements and demonstrate online registration on the CX portal.

The event also created awareness on the need for students to seek academic advising especially on the proper sequencing of courses, meeting pre-requisites, conducting degree audits to know the courses already done and those remaining, incomplete grades and repeating of failed courses, GPA projections, academic counselling for those facing academic challenges, among others.

Moreover, being the first week of pre-registration for undergraduate students for the Spring Semester 2023, the event provided a platform for the student to get advice about their academic journey and to register their courses accordingly.
The Academic Advising Week will be held every semester to offer continuous advice to students.

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