Placement and Career Services (PACS) hold Fall Recruitment Day

By Angela Osodo

The PACS office hosted the Fall 2022 Recruitment Day on November 9, 2022, to familiarize USIU-Africa students with various organizations and potential employers. The day was vibrant with in-class talks, a plenary discussion, and company information sessions. Aside from recruitment, the event gave companies the opportunity to bring students together and host activities to provide students with insights into their workplace.

In one of the senior experience classes, Livingstone Makori, Head of Bancassurance at Jubilee Insurance, and a Career Development Coach, got to share very helpful insights on how students can successfully navigate their careers in an era of digital transformation. He went on to emphasize the importance of customizing CVs for each job application, creating a professional LinkedIn profile, having a mentor, taking online courses for continuous development, and developing a 5-year career plan. "When you can do a job without getting paid, that is your career," said Livingstone.

In another class, Principles of Marketing, Daniel Oseman, Managing Director, Kantar East Africa, and Susan Makau, Founder, International School of Advertising (ISA), led an in-class session on Research and Customer Insights. Students were given the opportunity to evaluate and express their ideas on how to sustain the 4Ps of marketing, notably Product, Price, Promotion, and Place, from the viewpoint of Gen Z.

Seats in the plenary session were almost full even before the event started, and anyone entering 10 minutes late was fortunate to find a seat. Panelists Susan Makau, Livingstone Makori, and Nicolai Eddy, COO of NALA, particularly engaged the students in an interactive session that covered lessons learnt during their careers, importance of having an online profile, and financial planning.
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) hosted another in-class discussion about consulting job opportunities with Finance students. BCG is a global consulting firm that works with business and social leaders to address their most pressing challenges and capitalize on their most promising opportunities. Full Time Consultancy, Internship, Business Analysis, Associate Consultancy, and Graduate Student Careers were described by Global Talent Coordinator, Susan Karimi.

Davasha Media Academy also held an in-class discussion about media careers and opportunities, and students had the chance to interact with employers throughout the day at open company information sessions.

The PACS team thanks all the students and Faculty who attended the event and made it as impactful as it was.

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