Alumni Profile: Bina Maseno, Founder and Executive Director of Badili Africa

By the Alumni Relations Office

Bina Maseno is the Founder and Executive Director of Badili Africa. She graduated from USIU-Africa in 2016 with a BA in Journalism, and has worked as a journalist at K24, a communications specialist and has been a political aspirant in the 2013 elections.

The challenges of her experience running for political office as a 23-year-old woman inspired the founding of Badili Africa. As a mentor, facilitator & moderator, she has been invited to & led global discussions across initiatives like the Obama Africa Leaders Program, the Bill and Melinda Gates Goalkeepers event in New York, USA on the "Power of Women Movements" in a session moderated by Melinda Gates, the African Union regional meetings and the most recent ones by the United Nations Population Fund Africa in Gambia on Governance & Accountability and Women in Dev on Gender and Leadership.

She has extensive work experience on gender democracy, human rights, gender mainstreaming, politics and governance. Badili Africa merges beauty with civic dialogues for political awareness and involvement with governance and democratic processes in Africa. Badili Africa strengthens the leadership capacity of women and girls in the informal settlements and learning institutions by encouraging and cultivating spaces that enable grassroots women and girls to organize as leaders to influence local development plans, policies and programs in ways that prioritizes their needs and those of their communities. She continues to use her voice to encourage and champion women's participation in politics, leadership and governance as well as actively participate in the broader discourse of governance as active citizens. She envisions a Kenya where the citizens are educated in the tools of civic power, their rights, responsible citizenry and are problem solving contributors.

Bina was a contestant on the recently concluded Ms President Season 2 Finale show, which aired on KTN Home every Thursday at 8:00 pm, where about 700 women with commendable backgrounds and from all works of applied to the Ms. President Leadership Academy. The show pushed for women’s representation in governance, highlighting high ranking women and encouraged the public to visualize women in leadership, culminating in a campaign, where Bina emerged as one of the top 6 candidates, and ultimately as 1st runner's up.

To track how Bina performed on the show, follow her on her social media handles: Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @binamaseno. You can also follow Badili Africa on its social media handles: Twitter/Instagram – Badili Africa (@badili_A), Facebook – Badili Africa

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