SADS emerges victorious once again at the Insurance Debates

The Spoken Arts and Debate Society (SADS) has once again clinched yet another win as Joshua Wambugu (Applied Technology major) and his partner Aisha Ahmed (Pharmacy major) ranked first in the Insurance themed debate that took place on November 3-4, 2022 on USIU-Africa grounds.

SADS has been at the forefront in the Debate community to create awareness on critical topics affecting the society. The purpose of this experience is to facilitate discussions about Insurance and its place in business, family and society in general. Two institutions partnered up with SADS to make this a reality, the Kenya National Debate Council (KNDC) and Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI), hosting over 150 speakers from 10 universities across Kenya. We believe that Insurance is an essential part in providing a safety net for individuals and businesses as well as driving economic progress, therefore it was important to seize the opportunity as well as provide a platform to promote knowledge and understanding about this topic.

Led by the captain Chantelle Mukabi (Former Chair) and Jeremiah Kashaka (Vice Chair), this tournament served as an invaluable experience for all the new SADS debaters to learn the art of speech and argumentation. Through the numerous interactive conversations with various institutions, it created a space to see how they view different topics, as well as critical perspectives of the globe and what solutions would be brought forth to make the world a better place. SADS committee members, Fresher Awuor (SADS chair), Victor Mwendwa (Logistics Officer) and Lauryn Ojore (Executive Secretary), working hand in hand with Jane Nyaga (Clubs coordinator), served as the organising committee, ensuring the event was successful.

As the year wraps up, the Society still has two more events planned on its calendar:
1. Mbokodo Open Tournament that will take place from November 18-19, 2022.
2. The Pan African Universities Debate Championship, taking place from December 8-15, 2022.

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