HultPrize Club hosts Inter-University Meet and Greet event at USIU-Africa

By Madlene Achieng

Recently, the HultPrize USIU-Africa committee sponsored by USIU-Africa hosted an Inter-University Meet and Greet event which focused on social entrepreneurship, fostering networks for mutual benefit, breaking down of the HultPrize 2023 challenge, familiarizing students with the HultPrize Foundation, internship incentives and job opportunities available.

The event was open to USIU-Africa students as well as students from other higher learning institutions such as University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Strathmore University, Daystar University, RCMRD, Technical University of Kenya, KCA, St Paul’s University and Multimedia University. Ms. Joleen Wangechi, a regional specialist from the HultPrize Africa office and Eco Bana Limited, the 2022 HultPrize global winners of the 1,000,000 USD were also in attendance.

During the event, Joleen Wangechi, discussed the role of the HultPrize Africa office as a pillar for campus directors as well as their respective committees and communities especially since the HultPrize Africa office is situated in Kenya. Attendees also shared opinions, thoughts and suggestions for consideration in regards to the HultPrize 2023 challenge, Redesigning Fashion. Additionally, they also spoke about maximizing the network of higher learning institutions in Nairobi by working together.

The session also consisted of a brainstorming session and an information exchange panel session made up of a previous HultPrize competitor, 6 Campus Directors from various schools, Eco-Bana limited and the regional specialist from the HultPrize Africa Office, where different topics, including social entrepreneurship were discussed at length.

The event ended with a keynote address from Eco-Bana Limited, who took the audience through the journey of brainstorming an idea, participating in and winning a competition. The CEO, Lennox Omondi, Chief Financial Officer, Dullah Shiltone and Chief Communication and Marketing Officer, Brian Ndung’u encouraged the audience to participate in the 2023 HultPrize challenge after breaking down the 7 facets of next year’s theme, namely sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, consumption, disposal and circularity.

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