September 4 - Communique On The Pending Presidential Petition Ruling

Dear USIU Africa Community,

The Supreme Court of Kenya will make a ruling on the presidential petition on Monday, September 5, 2022. The country is likely to experience celebratory and protest processions in various parts whereby criminal gangs and other criminals are likely to take advantage and engage in criminal activities. The celebrations and protests could escalate leading to looting and damage to properties. The Government, through the National Police Service has assured the general public that they have taken all the necessary steps and measures to enhance security in all parts of the country to ensure personal safety, security and normalcy.

In view of the above we urge all Kenyans and specifically the USIU-Africa community to maintain peace and remain vigilant taking charge of their personal safety and security. You are also asked to observe traffic advice from the relevant government agencies where affected.

We take this opportunity to welcome all our students on campus.

With kind regards,
Mrs. Night A. Nzovu | Director, Administration
United States International University - Africa
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