The dilemma of students and club life

By Juliet Wangui Maina

The never ending dilemma between fun nights and school days in USIU-Africa grows with each passing week during a semester. While its known that weekends are from Friday and for working people sometimes Saturday, it has become tradition in USIU-Africa for weekends to start on Thursday. Freshmen introduced to the entire idea first think it quite strange that this is an obvious party night in not only the local joints around school but in other clubs and pubs.

While this is perfectly fine and the adjustments the students have made to fit within the schedules are working in relation to the students’ commendable grades, shouldn’t we also consider the freshmen and students who might find it hard to cope with it all? More specifically what could be the next step that students could take in order to curb the issue?

Interviews with students show that most believe that the best response to the issue would be individual, that the affected students should endeavor to grow out of being ‘yes’ men and create better futures for themselves.

Do Thursday party nights have a solution or rather, do they need a solution?

Students went on to argue the fact that having Thursday nights set aside for parties does more harm than good in relation to the academic stress collected during the week. It is a means of letting loose when everything seems held up and tight, they say.

While the argument could go on over and over again about being responsible for yourself and asking for help when needed, the decision made will ultimately affect the growth of the student fraternity.

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