How to manage time as a student

By Catherine Kasela
Time is a very important factor in the life of a human being. But for a student time is a factor that cannot be wasted because it is extremely important. From attending classes, meeting assignment deadlines and partying students juggle with a lot and time is limited. So, to ensure that a student gets all these work done good time management is the key. Managing time can be done in different ways:

  • Using breaks wisely. Breaks are important because they help us reenergize and take a breather from any activity that we are doing. As a student utilizing breaks wisely comes with an advantage. During breaks, a student can use that time to read ahead of the lecturer as he she looks forward to the next class or go through what you already learnt in the previous class. A student can also utilize his or break time to do assignments. This way the assignment load becomes less and they are able to do something important with their time.
  • Create a to-do list. A to do list is list that shows which activities are to be done and their designated time. This is also another great way that can help a student manage time. A to-do list serves as a guidance on what to be done and at what time. As a student creating a to do list can be very helpful in managing time.
  • Tackling small tasks is also another way of managing time. Sometimes a lot of assignments can be hectic especially if the deadlines are too close. But tackling small tasks of the assignment can be helpful because it reduces the workload and you do not have to rush during the last minute to complete the assignment. Tackling small tasks can be very helpful in managing time in that a student get to save time doing tackling one task at a time.

Students should learn how to plan and manage their time wisely because time wasted is never recovered.

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