Executive Course in Leadership and Governance

Program Description
The Purpose of the course is to equip senior managers, boards and directors with skills and knowledge in providing strategic leadership and ethical management of organization resources whilst being aware of legal obligations and best practice.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, learners are expected to:
  1. Analyze and interpret financial statements
  2. Apply fundamental corporate governance and ethical issues;
  3. Analyze global best practices in corporate governance for effective and efficient leadership;
  4. Evaluate the key success factors for an effective corporate leadership;
  5. Apply good corporate governance practices to support efficient decision making;
  6. Acquire and develop skills in creative and innovative successful fundraising


  1. Strategy and Strategic Planning
  2. Leadership and Performance Management
  3. Change Management and Organization Behavior
  4. Financial Quality Assurance
  5. Accounting and Financial Reporting
  6. Principles, Practices and Responsible Leadership & Mindset
  7. Risk Analysis & Management
  8. Legal Framework for Leadership, Ethics and Integrity
  9. Monitoring & Evaluation and value for Money
  10. Social entrepreneurship
  11. Fundraising Strategies and Resource Mobilization
  12. Disclosure, Transparency, Accountability and Professionalism

Mode of Delivery
The training will be delivered using lectures, role play, case study analysis, videos, problem solving, among others.

The target groups include senior managers, boards, directors, councils, trustees, members of parliament including senators, Members of County Assemblies, CECs, Chief Managers, policy makers, academicians, regulators, administrators, among other leaders.

Course Intake and Location:
This course is offered every second week of February, April, June, August and October, Monday to Friday (9.00am-4.00pm).
Classes are taken from USIU-Africa, Nairobi.

Program Elements:
The program brings together industry leaders, political leaders, practitioners and scholars in diverse leadership capacities. Networks and topical knowledge gained from this program results to transformative leadership and governance initiatives within personal spheres and ultimately in a national, regional and global scope.


  1. Small and all-inclusive lecture sessions
  2. Lectures by industry leaders and professionals
  3. Experiential learning anchored on learners and market experiences.
This program enables you interpret frameworks underlying corporate leadership and governance practices necessary in supporting the development of good governance and ethical practices and effective stakeholder inclusion and dialogue throughout your organization.

Admission Requirements:

  • Undergraduate Degree in any discipline
  • Working in the civil society or government institutions
  • Two (2) passport size photos
  • Identification documents (ID/Passport)
  • Registration fee of KES 3,150 to USIU-Africa
Program Fees: Ksh 175,000

For information on how to make payments, please visit here.

Contact us on:
Email: csobcert@usiu.ac.ke
Telephone: +254 730 116 717 /414

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