Sports Update - July 2-8

By Shyat Lemoshira

On Saturday, July 2, the USIU-Africa Scrabble Team Word Acers participated in their inaugural Gretsa Scrabble Tournament that was individual oriented and ranked based on average word score. Shyat Lemoshira emerged position 3 with 376.25points and a spread of +404 and Moureen Kahiti followed close at position 5 with 315.75pts and a spread of +54. The team established relations with other teams and Scrabble Kenya and seeks to improve themselves as they participate in more competitions.

The USIU-Africa Rugby Team, the Martials, participated in the Kisumu rugby tournament, Dala Stevens pulling in a see-saw of results. The Martials drew with Kibabi university 26-26, floored Jaramongi university 26-0, lost to Citam Kisumu, 15-22, and later recovered to thrash the Suburbs 28-7. In their final match, the Martials faced the Stallions and lost by a small margin, 22-24. At the end of the tournament, the Martials were placed in Division 2 based on the results.

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