Former Journalism Student joins a media company to tell stories about youth innovation in Africa

By Nalenhle Moyo

Nalenhle Moyo, a Broadcast Journalism Major who will be graduating at the upcoming Commencement ceremony recently joined The Continental Approach, where she is an Associate Editor. Her roles include developing editorial plans and research topics, scheduling and managing contributor essays and participating in content brainstorming for developing ideas with the editorial, social media and video production teams.

She credits her passion for story telling as the reason behind joining The Continental Approach, an online Media Company built to challenge the narrative of conflict, corruption and crime with stories of innovation, ideas and inspiration that are driving growth across the continent.

Since its inception in 2021, the Continental Approach has had 8 issues, 27 essays 14 around the continent explainers 16 contributors from 11 countries and 11 interview guests. The team is made up of members from Madagascar, Nigeria and Zimbabwe and has plans of expanding.

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