Student Profile: Vihir Sumriya, Senior, Applied Computer Technology

By Beryl Kamusinga

USIU-Africa has consistently worked in ensuring that differently-abled students have ease of movement and suffer very few inconveniences in their day-to-day activities. Medical conditions such as Cerebral Palsy need not be a reason to forgo a university education. Movement can be improved through surgeries that are expensive and multiple surgeries might be needed. One such student who has experienced this is Vihir Sumriya, who has undergone about ten surgeries in his life to enable him to walk.

Vihir Sumriya is a fourth-year student of Applied Computer Technology student concentrating on Cybersecurity. He chose to attend USIU-Africa because of its facilities and in particular the infrastructure that the University has put in place to ensure that the campus is convenient for differently-abled students.

“USIU-Africa has been conducive for my studies because it has made it easy for me to get around campus. The Faculty members have been keen to assist me in any capacity required, any requests that I have made have been swiftly handled,” he said.

Vihir, who has consistently been on the Dean's list for academic achievement, found the atmosphere of USIU-Africa welcoming from the moment he first got into the institution.

“USIU-Africa has been welcoming to my needs. One of the most important ways that the University supported me was by switching my classes to a more accessible classroom to make it easier for me to attend my classes. The University also fixed an elevator in one of the buildings to make attending classes more convenient. I have built good working relationships with my lecturers, who have been accommodative of my needs,” he added.

He notes that the University can continue to improve its facilities by making more provisions for students who have hearing and sight impairments.

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