Environmental Society Club (ENSO) pilots a recycling initiative on campus

By the Environmental Society Club

The Environmental Society Club (ENSO) recently began an initiative on campus in which they placed recycling bins at the major eateries of the school, Paul's Café and Café Latta, in a bid to collect aluminium cans and plastic bottles around campus.

This initiative was started to encourage the reuse of waste and recycling on campus, one of ENSO’s major goals. The bins will be on campus for a few weeks, and the Club encourages students, staff and faculty to use them for their specified purposes. We also politely request that individuals not treat them as general trash cans, but to only toss the appropriate waste in the respective bins according to their signs.

The collection of the aluminium cans and plastic bottles on campus is for an upcycling project ENSO plans to host in the second half of the semester in which interested students design and decorate their own plant pots made from the collected plastic and aluminium.

The bins marked PET plastic are for plastic soda, juice and water bottles, and the bins marked aluminium cans are for soda and energy drink cans. The PET plastic bins are not for plastic food containers or cutlery. The Club hopes to send any excess waste collected to a recycling company.

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