Spoken Arts & Debate Society wins the Sportsmanship Awards in Africa

By Fresher Diana

The Spoken Arts & Debate Society was invited to participate in the Africa Top Universities Debate Championship, organized by the Royalty Pact Debate Academy, that took place on June 4 and 5 via Discord and Zoom. The invitational tournament boasted of some of the greatest institutions in the debate circuit with renowned speakers form East, West, and Southern Africa. It was a privilege for USIU-Africa to be a part of the competition. USIU-Africa was acknowledged as the most ethical institution in the whole tournament and garnered a Sportsmanship Award. Invited to attend were Jeremiah Kashaka and Victor Mwendwa, who served as judges and Society members Elsie Sirengo and Fresher Diana.

The Spoken Arts & Debate Society has been at the forefront in the East Africa Debate community to create awareness on critical topics affecting the society. SADS has taken up another venture to speak up against the imminent threat that is climate change. Last month, Fresher Diana and Victor Mwendwa represented the Society at an event held by the Kenya National Debate Council and Natural Justice, where they were able to speak at length on why the society should take up the fight against climate change.

The event was structured as a filming and educative session with an audience to critique and bring up their views on the issue of climate change. We believe that the fight starts from within in order to tackle it and as Spoken Arts & Debate Society, speaking up is a starting point to address the problem. The Society’s presence was recognized in taking affirmative action in protecting the ecosystem through the power of the voice.

SADS has more projects that it undertaking to give the USIU-Africa fraternity a name to reckon with on the global scale. Some of the projects include:

  1. Accra Opens tournament to be held at the University of Ghana from June 15-20, 2022;
  2. Hosting a tournament at the USIU-Africa campus sometime in July 2022;
  3. East Africa Universities Debate Championship in Arusha, Tanzania to happen from August 1-6, 2022;
  4. Pan African Universities Debate Championship at Strathmore University, Kenya later on in December 2022;
  5. World’s Universities Debate Championship to be held in Madrid, Spain is scheduled to take place in December 2022.

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