Mastercard Foundation Scholars from USIU-Africa attend the inaugural Yale Model United Nations Conference in Kigali, Rwanda

By Evelyne Kerubo
USIU-Africa’s Mastercard Foundation Scholars attended the first YALE Model African Union conference that was held in Kigali Rwanda from May, 11-16, 2022. The delegation was led by Safari Etienne, an International Relations Major and Evelyne Kerubo, the Scholars Program Psychologist together with 26 other Scholars.

The Yale Model African Union by the Ivy League School was for the purpose of engaging in Pan-African dialogue by delegates on key challenges in Africa. The YMAU opening ceremony was attended by delegates from all over Africa and other parts of the world such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Delegates were put up in various committees that represented the various African nations and their interests during the highly interactive sessions.

Other delegates that attended the conference were from Yale, Laikipia University, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, African Leadership Academy and Alliance High School. Delegates also had the opportunity of interacting with employees from leading organizations such as the US Embassy in Nairobi, USAID and the United Nations during the career fair.

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