United States International University - Africa, through the School of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension invites you to colloquium on "Leveraging Diaspora Brain Circulation for Growth of Africa Innovation (AI)".

When: Thursday, May 19, 2022
Time: 12:30pm to 1.30pm East African Time
Register: Through this link:

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Our Lead Presenter

Prof. Samuel Mugo

Prof Samuel Mugo graduated with a PhD in analytical chemistry from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada in 2006. He took a two-year postdoctoral position at Queens University, Ontario, Canada (2007-2008) where he worked on sensor microchips for protein biomarkers and clinical diagnostics.

Mugo joined MacEwan University in 2008 as an assistant professor of chemistry, promoted to associate and full professor in 2014 and 2021, respectively. Professor Mugo has been successful in developing a multifaceted tri-council funded innovative interdisciplinary and collaborative research program that strongly engages many students both in Canada and internationally, especially in China, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, UK, Netherlands, India, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Beyond a slogan, Mugo strongly believes research impacts are most enhanced if they intentionally ‘inform’ pedagogy. As such, his many highly trained personnel are now strong academic/or industry scientists and entrepreneurs in numerous countries. In addition, Mugo believes the innovative technologies his group develops are more impactful if they find utility in solving society issues.

To this end, he is passionate on bridging the gaps in knowledge translation and engages industries and communities both nationally and internationally. Prof Mugo’s research program is currently focused on developing ‘smart’ polymer nanomaterials that are integrated in small handheld devices for point of need (PON) chemical sensing in precision agri-food, environmental monitoring, and health & wellness monitoring, with a focus on mental health diagnostics. Professor Mugo’s work has been recognized widely, including his inaugural award as the MacEwan Board of Governors Research Chair, recipient of MacEwan University Distinguished Teaching Award (2020), MacEwan University Distinguished Research Award (2021), and the 2014 winner of the DOW Canada Western Canada Technical Excellence Conference Award (WesTEC) for leadership and commitment to effective students training on innovation.

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