Department of Security

Security Department is responsible for formulating the security policy or strategy and management and co-ordination of the security network at USIU-Africa. It is manned by a motivated and professional workforce who work in collaboration with Kenya national security agencies and contracted Security Company for campus safety and security.

The Security department also continually disseminates information regarding the security situation both within and outside the University. This is done through emails or via text messages (SMS) sent tocampus populace when necessary. In addition, campus community is urged to observe personal safety and security measures.

To be a safety and security service provider that creates and maintains a community culture that places a priority on campus safety and security- meaning that the likelihood of loss or harm is low and a sense of personal security and well-being is high

To create and maintain a safe and secure environment where teaching, learning, researching and campus life can thrive and succeed.


  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Confidentiality
  • Honesty
  • Collaboration and Cooperation


  1. To ensure the safety and security of staff, faculty, students and visitors.
  2. To protect property and assets of the university.
  3. To reduce the incidence of reported crime.
  4. To maximize efficiency and effectiveness of the security department.
  5. To effectively investigate incidences of reported crime(s)/disorderliness.

Organization/Sections/ Security Staff Contacts

1. Peter Omusula Head of Department Chief Manager, Security Services Email: Security Office: School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ground Floor
2. Dennis Keronye Physical/Access Control Senior Security Officer Email: Security Office: Freida Brown Students Center, Ground Floor
3. Isaiah Nachii Physical/Access Control Security Officer Email: Security Office: Library, Basement Floor
4. Edwin Wachie CCTV/ Recording Devices Senior Security Officer Email: Security Office: Library, Ground Floor
5. Patricia Andesoh Investigation Security Officer Email: Security Office: Maintenance Building

Emergency Contacts:

  • +254 730 116 000 - USIU-Africa Line: – Ask for security personnel.
  • +254 730 116 461 /266 Main Gate Contacts
  • 999 (Landline) – The Direct Police Emergency Line
  • 911 (Mobile) – The Safaricom Emergency Security Service line – They will connect you to the police department immediately
  • +254 721 338 999 | +254 20 803 366 - Nearest Police Station, Kasarani
  • + 254 721 233 999, +254 20 272 4201, +254 20 272 4154, +254 20 312 223 - Police Control Room

General Security Tips/Information:


  • Strict vetting is done to all vehicles and everybody accessing campus.
  • Equal treatment to everyone accessing campus.
  • Students, staff, and faculty will access the campus by use of proximity (RFID) cards.
  • USIU-Africa ID card, which is RFID enabled, is required for identification at the university hence MUST be presented—upon request—to the security team/any contracted security personnel or authorized university personnel.
  • Appropriate display of USIU-Africa i/ds card is required for ease of identification.
  • ID cards are not transferable and they remain university property.
  • Authorized visitors will be required to have identification documents either National IDs, Drivers’ Licenses, or Passports. This requirement will be strictly enforced by the Security team.
  • Make sure your visitor(s) are vetted and a visitor’s pass/tag issued to them accordingly.
  • Civility from you matters. Respect is a-two-way traffic.
  • Only licensed drivers will be permitted to drive M/Vs on campus. Campus is not a training ground for driving.
  • Maintain a speed limit of 10 km/h on campus.
  • Take notice of all the traffic signs on campus.e.g “No parking zone”.
  • Parking slots are open to all except where they are ‘reserved’.
  • No overnight parking of vehicles on campus unless authorized.