The Alumni Relations Office hosts Egerton Universitys Alumni Relations Department and Tangaza University College Alumni Association for benchmarking

By Solomon Mainye

On Tuesday February 1 and 15, the Alumni Relations office hosted two teams: Egerton University’s Alumni Relations Department and Tangaza University College Alumni Association respectively in a benchmarking exercise.

Both teams were excited to learn about best alumni engagement practices adopted by USIU-Africa in management of its alumni as well as programs that impact fundraising from the alumni. Additionally, the teams were oriented on the Raiser’s Edge Advancement system which facilitates USIU-Africa's alumni relations, engagement and fundraising activities.

Notably, the team from Egerton University acknowledged the importance of giving students a good university experience as it establishes a foundation to always want to come back and contribute in developing the university. On the other hand, the team from Tangaza University was able to realize various programs that can impact alumni participation with their university and presented areas of collaboration with USIU-Africa.

The team from Egerton University was led by Dr.Chakava Hillary (Coordinator-Alumni Relations Department) together with Dr. Owen Ngumi (Executive Treasurer, Alumni Association) Prof. Paul Kimurto (Director, Marketing and Resource Mobilization) Rachel Litter (Alumni Executive Board Member) and Fridah Murugi (Secretary, Alumni Association) while Stephen Muinde (Interim Chairperson), Winjoy Mukami (Alumni Relations Officer) who is also a USIU-Africa Alumna and Brenda Kyama (Member, Alumni Committee) represented Tangaza University College Alumni Association.

The benchmarking activity was organized and coordinated by Mr. Michael Kisilu, Principal Alumni Relations Officer, Mr. Solomon Mainye, Development Officer and Lihavi Dainah, International Relations Senior and a student volunteer at the Alumni Relations Office. Through this benchmarking the Alumni Relations Office identified more opportunities of how they can engage and support the alumni in future.

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