The Spoken Arts & Debate Society kickstarts the year by taking part in the Olympia Open Tournament in Uganda

By Fresher Diana and Chantelle Mukabi

The Spoken Arts & Debate Society (SADS) started the year on a high note by travelling to Kampala, Uganda to participate in the Olympia Open. Olympia is an annual invitational debate championship that is organized and hosted at the Cavendish University. The objective of the tournament is to bring together best speakers from university debate unions across East Africa, to engage in formal debate on matters of social, political, cultural, and economic relevance to the region.

SADS was invited on merit to participate in the tournament and was granted four slots out of the 32 invited teams. Travelling to Uganda accompanied by chaperone Jane Nyaga, were four teams of 8 members and a judge namely: Sam Kagia, Jeremiah Kashaka, Fresher Diana, Louis Gitu, Elsie Sirengo, Victor Mwendwa, Candy Margret and Stacy Anyango. It was an avenue for the USIU-Africa students to foster youth relations in a process of integration as well as building a ‘Culture of Students’ engagements within the East Africa Community.

The tournament saw the coming together of 11 universities from 3 different countries that is, Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda to represent competitively to emerge victors. Spending time in different parts of the world can provide people with unique insights on cultural differences and a deep appreciation for ways of life other than their own and that is what SADS is promoting to the USIU-Africa students.

Notably among the chief adjudicators was Mashama Fanelesibonge of Harvard University. He was Thessaloniki’s World Universities Debate Championship 2016 winner and a master debater. USIU-Africa was recognized as the most outstanding university to prevail and keep the debating spirit alive during the pandemic, by actively engaging through online platforms such as Discord and Zoom.

SADS soared through the challenges to become a name to associate with and has yet to achieve more in the new year. The SADS club patron, Dr. Quinn Juma has been at the forefront to propel the club to greater heights and amassed the support of the USIU-Africa community to rally behind the SADS club.

Some of the projects set for the year on the club calendar include:Participating in the Pan African Universities Debate Championship in Kenya that will be held from December 8-15 at Strathmore University;

  1. Participating in the East Africa Universities Debate Championship in Arusha, Tanzania in August;
  2. Representing in the African Nations League Tournament to be held in Nairobi;
  3. Representing in the Mashujaa Opens at Strathmore University.

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