Maintenance Department


The University owns and operates an extensive portfolio of buildings and land assets utilised to deliver its teaching and research programmes.

Facilities Maintenance section performs campus maintenance, housekeeping, landscaping and grounds services as well as provision of utility services and offers an integrated service model that provides customers with a single point of contact and around-the-clock service. Maintenance section maintains university facilities and provides quality support services for the physical environment of the university, reducing energy consumption through education and use of alternative sources of energy.
Standard Operating Procedures

SOPS documents required for efficient delivery of services to various clients are

1. Preventive maintenance of Facilities

2. Preventive Maintenance of Equipment.

3. Corrective maintenance

4. Energy Management

5. Cleaning and Sanitation

6. Ground Maintenance

7. Waste Management

8. Event Management

Effective Facilities Maintenance Services

Preventive maintenance – Annual Preventative maintenance schedule is available and indicates the period when critical equipment are maintained in the year. The preventative maintenance schedule is reviewed periodically by manager maintenance and new items added as new plant is commissioned. Monthly and quarterly Service Level Agreements (SLA,s) are available to ensure facilities and equipment are properly maintained throughout the year.

Statutory maintenance – Statutory requirements require maintenance section to undertake specific tasks to ensure that facilities are fit for purpose and safe to use e.g. lift maintenance. Statutory maintenance is generally contracted out under comprehensive maintenance contracts to ensure that it is performed as required by law and signed work sheets are provided to maintenance section verifying that the tasks have been performed.

Corrective maintenance – This is handled via LAN Support system and work orders are automatically generated for the relevant trade technician as required by maintenance champions in various departments. The current designated Administrator is the Manager, Maintenance.

Every user (Technician) is able to access the master call list and allocate themselves tickets that relate to their areas. However, their rights are limited and they cannot terminate the process without the approval of Administrator.

Breakdowns /Incidents through maintenance support email:

Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) - The University’s CAPEX is estimated each year and is approved by the University Council and Management Board. CAPEX covers Machinery & Equipment, Furniture & fittings, Capital Improvement projects and Construction projects

Event and grounds management.

Events held in auditorium and other venues are booked through the Maintenance Manager ext 550/602


All maintenance requests /faults are to be reported to the maintenance section via LAN Support system through departmental maintenance champions and maintenance support email

Maintenance Section is committed to maintaining a high level of customer service. Feedback and service complaints are welcomed by contacting the Manager Maintenance on Ext 550/Ext 602, Operations Director on ext 194 or email

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