Alumni Profile: Peterson Njagi

Peterson Njagi is an Ad Operations Services Specialist at Amazon Services Europe, S.A.R.L., based in Bratislava. He is responsible for ensuring that Amazon adheres to internal and external advertising guidelines within its growing online advertising program. In this role, Peterson continually assesses advertising standards, conducts creative review and escalation processes, and locates global guidelines as appropriate with the primary goal of maintaining and enforcing a high customer experience for the company.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Studies. After graduating (Class of 2016), he won a scholarship to study his Masters in the Slovak Republic under the Slovak Government Scholarship, which is open to Kenya on a yearly basis. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in Political Science at Comenius University in Bratislava with a focus on National Security Management and Policy Making.

He hopes to contribute positively to the ongoing Police reforms in the country by undertaking research in policing and particularly on the relationship between the Police and the community. In his dissertation, he is investigating how nodal security governance can be effectively implemented in our communities.

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