Pictorial: Alumni Office receives scholarship grant in honour of the late Ketan Chibber

By Brenda Odhiambo and the Alumni Relations Office
Photos: Edson Macharia

On Tuesday, September 14, the Vice Chancellor through the Alumni Office received a scholarship grant worth Kshs. 1.2 million in honour of Ketan Chibber, a University Alumni who passed away earlier this year. The scholarship was presented to the Vice Chancellor by the representatives of the classes of the 80’s and 90’s, Hannah Waithira and Ernest Macharia.

Caption: (from left): Ms. Hannah Waithira, USIU-Africa Vice Chancellor, Prof. Freida Brown and Mr. Ernest Macharia during the scholarship handover. The scholarship was established by USIU-Africa alumni from the 80’s and 90’s in honour of the late Ketan Chibber, a USIU-Africa alumnus.

Speaking during the ceremony, the VC, Prof. Freida Brown, noted that the scholarship fund was a reflection of the qualities that the University has inculcated into its students.

“USIU-Africa has a history of developing people and investing in our students, and it is good to see our alumni giving back, because it demonstrates that the culture of giving and community service that we inculcate into our students remains with them as they go through life,” she said.

“Alumni are a reflection of the university, and through this gesture here today, it is good to see the impact that one person can make in people’s lives,” she added.

In her comments during the session, Ms. Hannah Waithira noted that the scholarship would be awarded to a student who best embodied Ketan’s qualities, to ensure that his legacy at USIU-Africa was preserved.

Ketan Chibber was instrumental in setting up the first computer lab at USIU-Africa. He was passionate about his USIU-Africa family and through his efforts the 80s & 90s alumni group was established. This vibrant group came together and contributed towards the scholarship to honor the one person who gave without asking for anything in return.

Eligibility for the scholarship
This is a partial scholarship that will cover up to KES100,000 per year per student, covering tuition costs only. It will be awarded to four (4) students taking into consideration gender parity. Applicants must:

  • Demonstrate financial need;
  • Be in enrolled in the School of Science & Technology with a minimum GPA of 3.3 which must be maintained in order to continue in the scholarship program;
  • Be East African residents. (outside this region the tuition is higher);
  • Be full-time students

Caption: (back row from left): Mr. Michael Kisilu, Principal Alumni Relations Officer, Mr. Bonfas Salano, Senior Student Affairs Officer- Sports Coordinator, Dr. George Lumbasi, Chief Admissions Officer, Ms. Irene Onacha, Chief Manager, Marketing and Communications, and Mr. James Cutha Gathere, Chairman, USIU-Africa Alumni Association.

Front row from left: Ms. Hannah Waithira, USIU-Africa Vice Chancellor, Prof. Freida Brown and Mr. Ernest Macharia.

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