#WhereLeadersAreMade: Stacy Wahome, Fraud Analyst

By the Alumni Relations Office

Stacy Gathoni Wahome is a Fraud Analyst at a top financial institution in Kenya. In this role, she investigates fraud cases, assess fraud risks and analyses and detects money laundering. She recently completed her Masters in Security and Strategic Studies from Macquarie University, Australia last year at the age of 22. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology in 2018 from USIU-Africa.

Her degree fueled her passion for a more inclusive justice system. When she finished her BA, she noted that the field of counter-terrorism, national security and intelligence had fewer women professionals and she sought to do her Masters in order to see and become a woman taking up decision making spaces in the field.

Her career objective is to be a leading global academic and professional as a woman in security. She seeks to show and provide ways in which more African women can be leaders and be part of the field of security and intelligence.

During her Undergraduate studies, she was the Vice President of Outgoing Global Exchange in AIESEC and was a part of other organizing committees for other school events.

While in Australia, she worked with the United Nations Association of Australia on a project to improve the experience of women volunteers in Australia. She also participated in and completed a certification in the Global Leadership Program from Macquarie University, a program that seeks to create students that are capable global leaders.

She is currently a member of the American Institute of Industrial Security (ASIS) Kenyan Chapter and Women in International Security (WIIS).

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