FAQs - Placement and Careers Office

1. I'm only a freshman. Should I be thinking about a career already?

It's never too early to start planning for your future and PACS is the place to begin. If you aren't sure where you're going, it's impossible to determine the way. Be sure you start out headed in the right direction. Visit us to explore career options, and to develop goals for your campus life.

2. What help do you give students to find jobs and internships?

Your Career Advisor will talk with you about your interests, skills, and availability, assist you in preparing a resume and cover letter, and show you how to search for appropriate jobs and internships posted in CareerLink and other platforms.

3. What is CareerLink?

This is an online platform for students to upload their CVs and access job vacancies directly from employers seeking USIU-Africa students. On CareerLink, students will be able to filter and set job alerts, view hiring companies, respond to job advertisements and interact with PACS staff.

4. What types of careers do I qualify for with my major and degree?

Your degree can help open up a variety of career opportunities. To understand what types of careers are available to you, we strongly recommend that you conduct industry and company research and gain practical experience either through volunteer or internship experience. A Career advisor can assist you with career exploration and developing a career plan that integrates the education you gain at USIU-Africa.

5. What does PACS do?

PACS offers one-on-one career advising, access to online job and internship listings on social media and CareerLink, job search assistance programs and workshops, mentorship programs and career testing.

6. How do I contact PACS with a question?

You can contact PACS by calling 0730116778 /779 /796 during regular business hours, or email us on careeroffice@usiu.ac.ke. You may also find us on Facebook at USIU-Careers Page or on twitter @USIUCAREERS. For downloads, visit your student portal, under the Campus Life Tab, and under the Administrative offices section, you will find Placement and Career Services and once you click on it, you will be directed to our page.

7. Is there a cost implication?

No. Our advising services are free of any charge.

8. How do I book an appointment?

At the Placement and Career Service (PACS) Office – located at the Freida Brown Student Center - we encourage students to come for guidance with regards to interview skills, resume writing and any other questions you might have regarding careers.
Tel : 0730 116 778 /779 /796 Email: careeroffice@usiu.ac.ke

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