#WhereLeadersAreMade: Mohamed Ebrahim Varvany, Sales Director at Scania East Africa

Mr. Mohamed Ebrahim Varvany is the Sales Director at Scania East Africa in Nairobi, in charge of increasing sales in the region, as well as providing regional support and development in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya, having transitioned from a Product Manager at AutoXpress Limited. Sales has been Mohamed’s forte and area of expertise from a very young age; connecting and interacting with people to provide them with solutions that enable maximum returns on investment is something he does passionately.

Mr. Mohamed Ebrahim Varvany graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from USIU-Africa in 2010, having completed his Bachelors of Science in International Business Administration there in 2009.

While his professional journey began with selling mobile phones, followed by a more-than-a-decade long stint in the automotive industry, Mohamed has had interactions with communities to empower and benefit them, a critical ethos of the sales concept, even during his time at USIU-Africa, beginning with successfully vying for the role of Vice Chair of the Students’ Affair Council as an Undergraduate, followed by the Graduate Representative role within the same committee while doing his MBA.

While sales has always been his strength, Mohamed understood, while studying for his Bachelor’s degree, that this would not be enough for him to fully understand the workings of an organization, which has several aspects to it that, along with sales, have to interlink efficiently for the puzzle that is the organization to be complete and successful. With this in mind, Mohamed decided to continue his educational journey by enrolling for an MBA, which went on to help his development in several ways.

The MBA curriculum gave Mohamed the opportunity to develop his knowledge and understanding in different areas like Strategy, Marketing, and Finance, among others, that enabled him to polish his core sales skill-set. Furthermore, it also helped him to become more aware of his leadership style, along with shaping his vision of the type of leader he wanted to be while working within his sales specialization.

For those starting out, Mohammed notes that it is important to find a career choice you are passionate about and accentuate this passion by getting the right education, and compliment it by adding several skills that add value and contribute to your passion in a broader perspective, and then there will be no stopping you.

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