Prof. Amos Njuguna

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics - TTLR    |     + 254 730 116 407

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics - Transformational Teaching, Learning and Research (TTLR) is the head of the Academics Division comprising the following units: The six Schools (Chandaria School of Business; School of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension; School of Humanities and Social Sciences; School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences; School of Science and Technology; and the School of Communications, Cinematic and Creative Arts), Library and Quality Assurance.

Prof. Amos Njuguna is a professor of finance, with a rich academic background and a commitment to research and education. He has made substantial contributions to the worlds of academia, finance and social impact.

He earned his Doctorate in Business Administration from Nelson Mandela University in 2010. Prior to this, he completed his Master of Business Administration degree at Egerton University. He holds dual professional qualifications as a Certified Public Accountant in Kenya (CPAK) and is a Certified Secretary (CS) demonstrating his exceptional knowledge and competence in financial and corporate governance matters. As a fellow of the East Africa Social Science Translation Collaborative at the University of California, Berkeley, Prof. Njuguna has engaged in cutting edge research and cross-cultural collaborations, contributing to his diverse and global perspective.

Professor Njuguna has held several key leadership positions. Notably, he currently serves as the Chairperson of the Network of Impact Evaluation Researchers in Africa (NIERA), highlighting his dedication to advancing impactful research in the region.

His academic journey at the United States International University commenced in 2007 and has been marked by exceptional achievements. From 2013 to 2016 he served as the Associate Dean of the prestigious Chandaria School of Business, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the future of business education. Subsequently, from September 2017 to August 2023, he assumed the role of Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Research, and Extension overseeing the growth and development of the school.

His research interests are both diverse and impactful. The work revolves around critical areas such as retirement savings, the development of gender-inclusive financial products, youth entrepreneurship, savings behavior, the intricacies of financial systems and the sustainability of higher education systems. Some of his most recent research endeavors undertaken individually or in collaboration with other researchers include: Savings behavior for workers in the Informal Sector shedding light on financial habits in this vital yet often underserved segment; Gender Inclusive Entrepreneurship and Access to Finance that advances gender equity in entrepreneurial ventures through innovative financial solutions; Quantification of Gender Bias using Natural Language Processing that employs cutting edge technology to analyze and address gender disparities in the Kenyan political leadership; Value Chain Analysis for the Kenyan Creative Sector that support employability interventions in the creative sector; Collaborative Inclusive Development Research that facilitate collective efforts between researchers in the Global North and South; Aging, Health and Financial Security that explores the intricate relationship between these crucial elements and Demand Driven Research Initiative that promote decision focused evaluation of development programs.

With a wealth of knowledge, a passion for research, and a commitment to positive societal change, Prof. Njuguna continues to be a driving force in the fields of finance, education and social impact. His dedication to advancing knowledge and fostering inclusivity serves as an inspiration to students, colleagues, and the broader academic community.